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Is There an Effective Treatment for Opiates Hacking and Rewiring your Brain?

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Suboxone treatment doctors Woonsocket claim that the country is in the midst of an epidemic as opioid use has spiked to an all-time high, with 36,000 Americans succumbing to overdoses caused by this particular variety of substances in a single year. People have various triggers for which they resort to opioid usage and start abusing it. Most people are unaware of how opioids have become silent killers and alter our brain structure, chemistry, and functions. A suboxone doctor near me says that abusing opioids can drastically enslave you to the substance before you realize it. Hence it is immensely essential to be aware of the extent of damage that opioids cause to the human brain to make adults and teenagers stay away from this particular substance.

Doctors specializing in sublocade near me shed light on how opioids alter the brain:

With opioid usage, the brain suffers unimaginable damage. The damage starts occurring within a very short time, and when opioid abuse converts into opioid addiction, the damage is almost irreparable. But with the revolutionary and new-age treatment for suboxone addiction Woonsocket and rise in MAT programs, patients have a ray of hope.

Opioids altering the brain with short-term usage:

Within a couple of weeks, opioids cause significant alteration of your brain physiology. Professionals employed at suboxone treatment clinics Woonsocket claim that there is conclusive evidence of MRIs exhibiting a considerable reduction in the grey matter of the brains of people using opioids for a few weeks. Moreover, their brains’ areas associated with emotions, cravings, and pain also undergo a significant size reduction.

A short-term opioid usage is enough to make your central nervous system sluggish. The experts at Suboxone clinics claim that it will lead to depressed respiratory patterns, which subsequently increases the chances of overdosing. In some instances, the lungs shut down entirely and collapse.

However, a suboxone doctor near me is intrigued by the findings that short-term opioid usage causes an increase in the grey matter volume of the part of the brain that regulates long-term memory and learning!

suboxone treatment clinics Woonsocket

Opioids altering the brain with a long-term usage:

The long-term abuse and misuse of opioids alter the brain morphology substantially, though this effect is just a part of the bigger picture. Suboxone doctors corroborate that a long-term opioid usage or addiction results in staggering changes in the brain function and psychology of the patient that extends to every part of his behavior, actions, and even regulates his emotions. Doctors specializing in the treatment for suboxone addiction say that opioids alter the human psyche. Even when a patient resolves to discontinue the opioid usage, he will encounter excruciatingly painful withdrawal symptoms, that more often waver his resolve and mindset. The patient starts to get depressed, anxious, and emotionally and physically exhausted. Most patients suffering from opioid addiction claim to have lost their will to live or pursue happiness in their lives.

What happens when a teenager takes an opioid for the first time?

Suboxone treatment clinics near me say that when a teenager experiments with opioids for the very first time, a set of triggering changes happen in his brain physiology and alter its functions to a substantial degree. According to an acclaimed suboxone doctor near me, our brain houses numerous opioid receptors that receive endogenous opioids like dopamine, beta-endorphins, enkephalins, etc. and bring about the sensation of pain, pleasure, rewards, etc.

However, when the illicit opioid molecules from synthetic drugs rush to these receptors, there is an intense rush of dopamine that floods these receptors and creates an acute sensation of pleasure or rewarding-feeling known as the ‘high’. Suboxone doctors declare that when a teenager or a naive first-timer encounters this high, they are immediately drawn to it and want to enjoy this sensation time and again. It results in opioid abuse and subsequently develops an opioid addiction.

How does one become physically dependent on opioids?

Doctors who are licensed to provide sublocade near me say that physical dependence on opioids is a phenomenon that is a result of chronic opioid usage. In this case, as well, the brain alteration plays a considerable role. According to these suboxone doctors, our brain has been programmed to repeat actions it has learnt in the past and therefore the feelings of pleasure and reward are deeply craved by it. It also stimulates those feelings in the absence of opioids. According to a proficient suboxone doctor near me, when the brain fails to stimulate its desired feelings of reward or pleasure, it coerces the body to access an opioid instantly. It causes the profoundly unsettling feeling termed as ‘opioid craving.’ Since every person is a slave of his mind, the actions honor the brain’s commands, and the person gets hold of opioids to continue feeling pleasurable.

Due to continued usage, the opioid receptors in the brain become less sensitive. A bigger dosage of opioids is needed each time to evoke the same levels of intense, desirable effects manifested in the initial stages of opioid usage. Thus, the professionals involved with the suboxone treatment clinics Woonsocket say that these chain of actions create a vicious cycle of physical and mental dependence of opioids that is almost inescapable.

Is there a solution to this?

The suboxone treatment doctors Woonsocket say that the obstacles are quite challenging when a person is addicted to opioids for a short term or a long time. To overcome these formidable obstacles, the patients need to go through a holistic addiction-treatment and recovery procedure. This procedure is backed by state-of-the-art treatment for suboxone addiction Woonsocket, other forms of evidence-based medication, cognitive and behavioral therapies, and the expert professional help and supervision of suboxone doctors and other specialists.

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