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How can detoxification help in drug addiction recovery?

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Drugs and substance addiction are a social disease. An individual falls prey to the lure of drugs and substances because of numerous factors which trigger a sense of helplessness and stress in him and he wants to get rid of them. Like the variety of drugs and substances, these triggers to vary from person to person. Treatment for Suboxone addiction Woonsocket claims that though a full-proof and comprehensive treatment to drug addiction is yet to be developed, each patient needs to be treated specifically and not as a generalized case. Searching online for suboxone clinics near me or Sublocade near me could be the starting point of your recovery journey, but it will not take off without a formidable detoxification procedure. 

What is detoxification?

The process of detoxification will start once you stop your drugs and substance abuse. Suboxone doctor Woonsocket says that though detoxification refers to the body’s mechanism of removal of the drugs and substances accumulated in it, the experience varies with every person. 

The type of drugs and the duration of its usage dictates the experience of detoxification. For some patients, prolonged drug and substance abuse might cause the withdrawal symptoms to last for days and months at end. 

Though it has been clearly stated by suboxone treatment centresthat medication-fueled detoxification alleviates the symptoms of withdrawal in a patient, the duration for withdrawal to subside fully depends on several factors. 

  • The type of drugs and substances that the individual has abused 
  • The duration of the substance abuse 
  • How severe was the substance addiction? 
  • The method of administering the substance like sniffing, snorting, injecting, smoking or swallowing and the number of drugs or substances taken at a go
  • The genetic formation of the individual
  • The medical condition of the person 
  • Family history
  • Presence of any underlying mental health condition 

Suboxone treatment clinics Woonsocket explain if you can detox at home:

While a lot of patients and their peers feel it is okay to detox at home within the familiar environment, it can often turn deadly. According to suboxone treatment clinics Woonsocket, quitting drugs and substances without medical supervision can lead to several complications. The patient might undergo serious issues like seizures, sudden fluctuations in temperature and even dehydration. 

Suboxone doctors are of the idea that both inpatient and outpatient treatment centres are best for your detoxification process. You can even search for a suboxone doctor near me if you are ready to undergo detoxification and take the first step towards addiction recovery. 

In this regard, suboxone treatment centres Woonsocket clarify that inpatient treatment centres are best suited for people with severe and prolonged cases of drugs and substance abuse. Such patients should seek inpatient detox because the withdrawal could be fatal. Inpatient detox is suitable for those individuals because they are equipped with round the clock monitoring and support. 

Detoxification procedure

Suboxone doctor Woonsocket believes that just like the type of substance addiction, the detox needs of each person also vary. Drug detoxification allows people with different types of drugs and substance abuse history to receive personalised treatment. Such treatment could be the onset of their journey towards a drug-free life. 

Suboxone treatment centres Woonsocket break down the detoxification process into three main parts. 

  • Evaluation: This is the primary and one of the most fundamental processes linked to drug detox. The incoming patients are reviewed by the medical staff and related personnel for physical and mental health issues. Different types of diagnostic tests are run to detect the number of drugs present in their systems. This allows the suboxone clinics to determine the amount and level of medications which would be administered to the patients. The long-term treatment plan for the patients is decided based on a holistic review of their drug, medical and psychiatric histories.
  • Stabilisation: Suboxone treatment centres Woonsocket puts a lot of stress in stabilizing the patient using medical or psychological therapy in order to prevent any kind of harm to the patient. Complications might arise and withdrawal symptoms might get worse. Suboxone doctors might prescribe addiction treatment medications to alleviate such conditions. 
  • Preparation for the treatment program: This is the final step of the detoxification procedure. The concerned doctors and medical personnel make the patients acclimatized with the nature of the program and what they should be expecting there. Inpatient rehabilitation centres could be the best shot to continue addiction treatment after a successful detox.  

Side effects of detox: 

Treatment for Suboxone addiction Woonsocket claim that detox has potentially dangerous side effects. Detox without medical supervision could not only initiate complicated withdrawal symptoms but could also be fatal. 

Therefore, a medically supervised detox is most recommended for patients. Detoxification under proper medical supervision allows the patients to undergo the entire procedure in a safe and comfortable environment. Treatment for Suboxone addiction occurs best in inpatient programs where the extent of supervision is greater compared to the outpatient programs. 

Suboxone treatment clinics Woonsocket are of the opinion that detoxification might alleviate withdrawal symptoms but are unable to get rid of them altogether. The common side effects of detox might include:

  • Feelings of nervousness or anxiety 
  • Mood swings 
  • Insomnia and erratic sleep patterns 
  • Discomfort throughout the body 
  • Difficulties in concentration 
  • Nausea

Rapid and ultra-rapid detox programs involve removing the drugs from the individual’s system within a couple of days and even a few hours, respectively. But suboxone treatment centers Woonsocket advise against undergoing such types of detox. Not only do a lot of patients complain about the continuation of milder withdrawal symptoms, but these detox procedures also accompany a lot of potential health hazards including death. To top it all, these procedures are overly expensive. 

Though detox on its own is insufficient to treat addiction, it is indeed the fundamental part of addiction treatment. Suboxone treatment centres stress on the continuation of sobriety and undergoing treatment through counselling, inpatient rehabilitation centres or being in touch with support groups. Transitioning into the next level of addiction treatment becomes easier once you undergo a successful detox. 

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