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Saying No To Drugs: 5 Proven Ways

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We all have that friend or well-wisher that provokes us to try different sorts of drugs. And initially, we fail to realize or foresee the fatal consequences of drugs. So many of us consider giving it a try because there is no harm in trying it for once, right? Then our delusional-self keeps whispering about trying drugs again, and we get caught in the vicious cycle of drug abuse. After a few years, we end up sitting in the chamber of Suboxone treatment doctors Woonsocket.

So what is the solution? The only solution is to resist the temptation of drugs and stop ourselves from trying it during those provocations. As per the counselors of Recovery Connection, self-control is the key to this issue.

Here we will ta about the proven ways to say No to Drugs:

1. Think about The Future

Understand that abusing drugs could lead to life-threatening situations. It can be a job loss, legal issues, health issues, homelessness, financial difficulties, and even death in some cases. If you still fail to resist the urge, then open your browser and search ‘Suboxone clinic near me.‘ Pay a visit to the center and see the patients going through treatment for Suboxone addiction Woonsocket. See how they are suffering from the withdrawal symptoms and how their life is now turned upside down. Ask yourself, ‘Is this the life I want in future just for getting high and temporary ecstasies?’

2. Stay Engaged

It feels great to sit idly for a while. But that does not mean you keep yourself locked up and cut yourself up from the wold. Think about what activities might be more rewarding than drugs. It could be finding a hobby or even spending some time with your pet. Discover the things you like to do. Go for a walk or DIY something.

Suboxone treatment clinics Woonsocket

The doctors of Suboxone treatment clinics Woonsocket always encourage their patent to get more sunlight and indulge in some relaxing activities. All these activities induce a good mood in a subtle yet effective way.

3. Learn To Say No

There is no logic in hanging out with people that encourage you to abuse drugs. Stay away from these toxic people and friends. If you know your friends hang out in a vacant trailer to take drugs, do not join them. Join a hobby class instead. Maybe they are your childhood buddies, but sometimes we need to make tough decisions to maintain the balance in or life. If you need to mingle with a new group of friends, then do that. Remember, it is always better than going through Suboxone addiction treatment in the future.

4. Make a Chart

Take a pen and paper and draw a five-column table. Now follow the instructions. The doctors often use this effective exercise during treatment for Sublocade.

a) Evaluate the Situation in one column

Is it your urge to get high? Is it an easy escape from your bad break up? Write down why you are thinking of drugs in the first place.   

b) Asses the Thoughts

Analyze your thoughts. It can be a negative self-image or considering yourself weak or something else. It’s essential to get them all out.

c) Accept Your Feelings

Write what emotional state you are in- anger, loneliness, sadness, and so on.  If you list “sadness” as one of your feelings, go deeper.  If your present emotion is a secondary emotion, then try to recognize the underlying issue hidden inside  

d) Actions You Took

Write what activities you have done or are currently doing to deal with the Situation.  Have you already called someone to provide drugs? Are you planning to go on a trip? Do not judge yourself; just write everything.

e) New Actions You Can Take

If you have already done something elated to drug abuse like tried it for once or called the dealer. Then consider taking counteractions. Delete the drug source number. If you are already into drugs, then search ‘Suboxone clinic near me’ or ‘Sublocade doctors near me’ and make an appointment. The Sublocade treatment under proper guidance will help you get back your old life.

5. Try Volunteering and Joining Seminars

Be a volunteer in Suboxone treatment clinics. When you experience the lives and helplessness of the drug users, it will help you cub you own urge. Join the seminars in Recovery Connection as well to educate yourself about the tentacles of drugs. If you are willing to go deeper into the human psyche, then you can listen to the podcast.

Final Thought

Never stop believing in yourself. Think about the years of suffering and compare it with the temporariness of getting high. Stay connected with humanity, society, and yourself. The drug can never solve your problem; rather, it will make things worse.

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