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Is addiction a disorder?

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Addiction is certainly a disorder, which is also termed as substance related and addictive disorder. One of the main symptoms of this disorder is the compulsive engagement in something which provides pleasure to the patient. People who suffer with substance disorder are unable to control themselves from using the substance.  People use the substance in spite of the fact that they know the harm they are causing to their body. Addiction can also be categorized as powerful craving of a particular substance. Suboxone treatment centers Woonsocket helps the people to get rid from addiction disorder.

Symptoms of Addiction

There are many kinds of symptoms that show that a person is suffering from addiction disorder. Such persons may contact suboxone doctor Woonsocket to cure this disorder. These symptoms are as follows.

Psychological Symptoms

Here are some of the psychological symptoms.

  • Dependence on a particular substance
  • There are many substances on which people depend like alcohol, nicotine, cigarettes, and other intoxicating things. There are some substances that provoke people to give up taking them.

  • Using a substance in spite of health problems
  • People like smokers may continue using the substance in spite of the fact that it is harming their body organs. Smoking can lead to lung and heart diseases.

  • Behavioral problems
  • A person having this disorder try up to his utmost level to get the substance he is addicted to or bear the problem.

  • Taking risks
  • A person may risk his life or may injure himself in order to find the substance. He can also risk his life by becoming violent or by driving at a fast speed.

    Social Symptoms

    There are many symptoms related to social life of a patient, which are as follows.

  • Giving up Social activities
  • A person suffering from addiction disorder may give up some or most of his social activities. Such person may stop going for picnic, stop meeting his friends, or reducing the activities on social media.

  • Reducing the time spent on hobbies
  • The patient may stop or reduce the time he gave to his hobbies and other pastimes.  He may stop playing sports due to fatigue or he may be immersed in the addiction that he does not care about the hobbies.

  • Good supply of addictive substance
  • The person will take care that the things he needs for his addiction are available in good supply even if they have no money. They may not take care about the budget, which he uses to run his house.

  • Solitude
  • The person suffering from addiction disorder uses substance or other things in secret and solitude and never wants anybody to e around him.

  • Denial
  • People who are suffering from addiction disorder do not feel that they have some illness. There can be a situation that they may realize that the dependency on a particular product has increased. But still he denies it and does not go for treatment.

  • Excessive consumption
  • There are many substances that a person can consume excessively like alcohol. This amount can be unsafe and the person can injure himself or other people nearby.

  • Hidden stock
  • Such persons may hide a small stock of the substance and may consume in solitude. These places can be unique like various parts of house or car, and many others. Such places cannot be easily detected.

  • Legal issues
  • If a person takes excessive amount of alcohol and causes harm to himself or other people or their properties, he can get into legal problems.

  • Difficulty in managing family budget
  • If a person is addicted to taking an expensive substance, he may create financial difficulties for himself and his family.

    Physical Symptoms

    If a person is addicted to a particular substance like alcohol, cigarette, or any such thing, this may lead to harm many body organs and functions. Some of these symptoms are as follows.

  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • If a person is addicted to something and its level decreases in the body,  he or she may feel weakness and other physical symptoms. This decrease can lead to diarrhea, seating, seizures, and many other problems. He can also become violent and harm other people or himself.

  • Appetite changes
  • A person’s appetite may reduce and he may consume food less.

    Treatment of addiction

    Suboxone doctor Woonsocket may help the people in getting rid of this disorder and they can live their life happily. If a person suffering from addiction disorder contacts suboxone treatment clinics woonsocket, the doctors will listen to the problem and provide treatment accordingly.


    These are some of the symptoms of addiction disorder and the sufferer may or may not know that he is suffering from illness and needs treatment. If other people find such symptoms, they may suggest him to see a doctor s that he can live a peaceful and happy life.

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