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Touch brings you closer to your real and happy self by defeating the adverse effects of opioid addiction and other similar substance abuse. We employ tireless effort to achieve this end. The therapists and counsellors at Touch readily offer required treatment and counselling not only to the patient but to the family as well.

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Our sheer commitment and excellence in delivering quality treatment has earned us a global reputation as one of the leading opioid addiction provider.

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Our team of expert physicians and medical stuff are well equipped to provide the best service and counseling to the individuals that complain of opioid addiction and substance abuse.

Treatment for Suboxone Addiction

Our team of expert physicians and medical stuff are well equipped to provide the best service and counseling to the individuals that complain of opioid addiction and substance abuse.

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We help you build bigger and better than before. Equipped advanced tool and techniques, we strive to provide the best treatment ever possible.

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Are you keen on getting rid of addiction? We are here to help.

We are team of doctors and physicians that are committed to help you combat your battle. Coupled with years of experience and expertise, we aim to instill a sense of determination that assist you in developing an abstinence from substance abuse and chemical consumption.

Our goal is to make you feel independent and give you a sense of life so that you think positive and start living a life full of colors and vibrations. We understand your condition, therefore, entend our cooperation to help you in the best possible manner.

Our doctors are experts at determining dosage of medicine and direct you into the right path so that you can start a new life. Irrespective of age and gender, we will make you feel stronger and sharper - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

■ We address the psychological and behavioral aspects of addiction

■ We provide a medication assisted treatment to prevent withdrawal without the level of euphoria associated with other opioids

■ We help the clients feel and realize the condition

■ We prepare them mentally to combat the battle

■ Our goal is to build a social support network for the patients

■ We perform an investigative research on your drug and medical usage history

What is Suboxone

Suboxone happens to be the first opioid medication that has been approved under DATA 2000 for treating opoid dependence in an office-based setting. Suboxone can also be prescribed for take-home use, very similar to other medicines that is often prescribed for medical reasons.

Suboxone is quite similar to other medicines of the same category that are usually recommended for such medical situations. It is worthwhile to note that Buprenorphine, the chief active element contained in Suboxone is a partial opioid agonist. It is evidently milder and safer when compared to the contemporary full opioid agonists namely oxycodone and heroin for the effects that Buprenorphine has on human body are limited.

Another opioid antagonist added in Suboxone is Naloxone. Its characteristic insoluble nature makes it impossible to inject. Suboxone should ideally be placed underneath the patient's tongue. A minimal dose of naloxone gets mixed into the bloodstream when taken as per the physician's instructions thereby ensuring that the patient feels only the effects of Buprenorphine.

If Nalaxone is directly injected, it is likely to make the patient depend heavily on a full opioid agonist while showing symptoms of withdrawal rapidly.

When taken in correct dose, Suboxone helps in the following:

■ Allaying addiction to illicit opioid

■ Ensuring speedy recovery

■ Preventing opioid withdrawal symptoms

■ Eliminating opioid cravings


Our care, coupled with our affordable prices, represents the greatest value in the community. We offer services coupled with the standards of care we are known for. To clarify doubts, call us at (123) 456-789 - 1255-12584 to discuss things over.

We accept both insurance payment and cash in case you don’t want to involve the insurance company in this matter.

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Let Suboxone be your saviour.

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